Showbiz Wrap 8/3/17

An upcoming controversial documentary about Princess Diana is being defended. Former royal bodyguard Ken Wharfe appears in 'Diana: in her own words' - and he says don't believe the hype.

Wharfe said, "This film isn't shocking. I think it's very insightful. I think it tells us something about Diana that, because we're seeing her for the first time, is actually delightful."

Some say the documentary goes too far, playing private audio recordings of Diana talking about her failed marriage to Prince Charles, and more. It airs Sunday in the U.K., and then august 14th on the National Geographic channel.
Lorde is one of the headliners kicking off the Lollapalooza music festival Thursday in Chicago. The four day event is expected to draw 100,000 people a day.
Whiz Khalifa also plays Thursday, Blink 182 among the headliners on Friday, hometown hero Chance the Rapper on Saturday, and Arcade Fire will close it down on Sunday.
If you can't make it to Chicago, Redbull TV will stream the highlights live.
It's the end, for The Middle.
Next season will be the last for the critically acclaimed ABC sitcom. Despite it never getting a lot of buzz, or awards, it'll have lasted nine seasons in a very competitive TV landscape. Last year The Middle was the 46th most watched show on TV.