Six arrested at Ocala apartment complex where four people were shot

Published: Jan. 31, 2018 at 7:13 PM EST
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Law enforcement has showed up to the Parkside Garden Apartments in Ocala more than 22-hundred times in the last thirteen months.

Officers say 42 of those were for shootings including two that happened last week.

Ocala police say they’re working on ways to help stop the problem.

One neighbor said, "We don't want to see anyone else dead in our community."

This is how many feel at this apartment complex after one person was killed and four people were shot last week.

The next day Ocala Police arrested six people, 4 adults and two teens who were walking around the apartments with guns.

Police say incidents like these at Parkside Garden Apartments are far too common.

Meghan Shay said, "Clearly something has to be done, more than what OPD can provide. We're doing our part we have a strong presence there, but we need management to step up."

During the past thirteen months officers have responded to the complex more than 22-hundred times, 42 of those for shootings- where shots were fired or for people who were actually hit.

A neighbor said, "We just want community action, we want to make our community one again."

Berkeley Apartments, formerly known as Spring Manor was facing the same types of problems years ago.

But the city declared it a nuisance and police even threatened to charge the complex for overtime costs for having officers out there twenty four seven.

But today that's a whole different story the apartment has cameras, gates and security guards.

So police say the same should happen at Parkside.

Meghan Shay said, "It's really going to depend on the support that we get from the management at Parkside and what they're willing to do and step up to implement some of these security measures that we've recommended."

And Mayor Kent Guinn has scheduled a meeting with Ocala Police Thursday to determine what type of policing will be done at the complex going forward.