Slackers unite! Chrome extension disguises Netflix as conference call

Image Source: MGN

(Gray News) - If you’ve ever been caught watching Netflix at work, an extension for Google Chrome could solve your problem.

According to the listing in the Chrome Web Store, the extension, called “Netflix Hangouts,” is designed to make it look like you are taking part in a conference call, when you are actually watching “Stranger Things" or another show or movie. That is, as long as no one notices you’re talking with three strangers and the teenagers from Hawkins, Indiana.

Once you start your Netflix video, you click the button to enable the extension which then starts a fake Google Hangouts conference call showing three random people and your show.

The extension comes from developer, behind previous apps that include a Slack “Word of the Day” game that promised to award $1,000 and was quickly shut down, and a wider version of the Times New Roman font designed to cheat page counts and trick teachers and professors.

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