Some Marion County schools now requiring students to wear IDs

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MARION COUNTY, Fla., (WCJB) -- In the wake of another mass shooting, we find ourselves asking "are we safe?"

Growing concerns for safety are reaching deeper into Marion County Public Schools, where administration is working to be proactive about school security.

Principal Christpoher Carlisle says that they're taking every extra step they can to make it harder for gun violence to make its way onto their campus.

Vanguard high school is now using something small to make a big difference in recognizing who belongs on campus.

"We have the badges, we've always had badges," said Principal Carlisle, but until now, students have not been required to wear them on campus.

"It's a great opportunity to increase student safety and make sure that we are as prudent as possible when it comes to keeping our students safe," the Principal said.

Vanguard is setting a trend for other schools in Marion County. Although this rule has been in print for years, few schools apply it.

At vanguard, they want to make sure..."only the people who are supposed to be on campus are on campus," Carlisle continued.

Administrators will look for badges at checkpoints every morning, "when the students get here, either on the busses or though car line," Carllisle explained.

Other things vanguard is doing: locking classroom doors at the start of every class, as well as locking gates so there is only one entrance and exit.

"We can recognize which students are ours and who is not supposed to be on campus, but this is just an added security layer," Carlisle said.

To prevent another shooting in marion county schools -- like what happened at Forest High School last April, where 20-year-old Sky Bouche shot through a classroom door.

Bouche will appear in court on December 21st, and Marion County School Board members added that they hope other schools will follow the ID rule as well.