Starke business owners preparing to lead customers to the downtown area

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STARKE, Fla. (WCJB)- With the US-301 bypass open in Starke, downtown businesses are preparing to get there businesses seen.

"We've all complained about the traffic and in some cases, it's been a detriment to use some of our businesses because with all the semis that we've had on the streets it was difficult for people to navigate through town," said Pam Whittle, President and CEO of the North Florida Regional Chamber of Commerce

Whittle is working on several initiatives with business owners to improve their presence.

One initiative is to buy two billboards and place them at each end of the bypass that will say "Stop in Starke".

The other is stressing the importance of going digital.

"Whenever people do get reminded, hey stop in Starke, well then what is in Starke …Google? Siri?," said Kristina Libby.

Kristina Libby owns Libby's Massage and Wellness and has been a business owner in Starke for more than a year.

"Now that all the traffic is gone I think that I'm going to see an increase of clients that are willing to get out and about now," said Libby.

Whittle is arranging workshops for the downtown businesses and says the billboard will cost about $12000 for the year and will be up soon.