State Senate takes first step in fulfilling DeSantis' promise on "sanctuary cities"

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Fla. (WCJB) --
Governor Ron Desantis campaigned against allowing cities and counties to buck federal immigration authorities, and ending the practice was a theme of his inaugural address.

“We will stand for the rule of law. We will not allow sanctuary cities” DeSantis said shortly after being sworn in.

Late this afternoon, lawmakers may take the first step in fulfilling that promise. Right now only 27 Florida counties cooperate with federal authorities when it comes to people here illegally. Legislation being heard by the Flordia Senate Judiciary Committee would require all 67 counties to notify the feds when they arrest someone here illegally says sponsor Joe Gruters.

“It’s trying to do what’s right for all of Florida, in trying to put bad guys away and make sure there is cooperation across the board. We’re not, this is not an immigration law. This is not to punish people. This is to try to follow the law as it exists,” says the Sarasota State Senator.

Under the bill, local authorities would have to hold someone for 48 hours, enough time
Says the sponsor, to allow the feds to pick the individual up.