State grants $35 million for Florida Job Growth Grant Fund projects

Two business developments in North Central Florida are getting a major infusion of cash from the state.

One of the grants is going to a biotech incubator in Alachua.

The other to support a new rail project in Columbia County.

Governor Rick Scott has awarded 3 million dollars to Columbia County as a part of the Florida Job Growth Grant Fund.

"This is probably one of the best gifts the county could receive,” Glen Hunter, Columbia County Economic Development Director, said.

More than have been handed out to columbia county as a part of the florida job growth grant fund.

This money will fund a rail project off of the northern CSX railroad mainline for the North Florida Mega Industrial Park.

"It will build and bring the rail right off of the main line into our park,” Hunter said.

Hunter also also says it will allow more developers access to the inland port with more than 26-hundred acres.

He says it may create more jobs.

"When we start placing industry into that site and jobs become available. the training that will be put together through our local college close by that gives our local kids the opportunity to stay home and not have to go somewhere else to get a good job,” Hunter said.

Developers say they are estimating the rail project to take less than two years to complete.

"This is actually a missing piece for us that makes it very doable for us to quickly mobilize and attract an industry,” Hunter said.

The state is also granting more than six million dollars to the city of Alachua.

This will fund the San Felasco Parkway Improvements Project connecting a shovel- ready site of 280 acres to the Sid Martin Biotech Center.