Stoneman Douglas Alumni supporting each other through vigils

GAINESVILLE, Fla. (WCJB)- Stoneman Douglas Alumni met several times throughout the day at vigils around the UF campus.

They say they are heartbroken but want to heal, as they share the good times of high school

"Douglas was my home for four years, I grew up there. Greatest times of my life were there."

Nathan Toops, a Stoneman Douglas Alum, huddled together with his former classmates.

“All the friends I met all the people that I was with all the opportunities that Douglas provided,” he said.

Now, University Of Florida students, leaning on each other to get through the pain and shock.

Support even came from their fellow classmates as well.

"I actually didn't go to Douglas, I went to Deerfield Beach High School but I knew quite a lot of people who were affected by what happened at MSD, so i just wanted to send good vibes, send positive message,” Vishnu Nandura, a UF student, said.

Messages continue to ring throughout the walls of the Gator Nation.

"All of us have a huge amount of respect for the teachers at Douglas.,"

Students want to thank the teachers who put themselves second to make sure their students would be as safe as possible.

"I cannot thank you enough for doing everything you could so my baby sister could be here today,” Catherine Stout, a Stoneman Douglas Alum.

Through tears, candlelight, and visions of faith, these former eagles are remembering the place that made them strong in the first place.

"I became who I am today because of Douglas,” Toops said.

Another vigil will be held tomorrow at Gainesville City Hall at 7:30 pm for anyone wanting to come out and show their support for Stoneman Douglas.