Suspected robber shot and killed by victim with concealed carry weapon

Published: May. 8, 2018 at 2:43 PM EDT
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A man was killed by the victim he attempted to rob who had a concealed carry weapon on him.

Gainesville police said they got called to a shooting Monday morning in NW Gainesville.

Officers say the victim was coming home from a movie theater with family members, and while they were parked Arkeem Bennett approached them with a handgun in an attempt to rob them.

The victim who holds a concealed carry permit took out his gun and shot at Arkeem in self-defense, one of the bullets struck Arkeem but he was able to get away in his car with another person driving.

According to Detective Goeckel The victim informed 911 about the incident, and they later found Bennett dead.

"Once the suspect's vehicle was located and crashed several blocks from the location of the scene our officer's set up a perimeter to contain anyone that may have fled and he actually happened to see Mr. Bennett laying on the ground. And by the time he has reached him, he was already dead."

Bennett's family members mourned his death with a candlelight vigil Tuesday night.

His mother says he didn't deserve to be killed.

"The way I was told he was shot, he didn't have to get shot like that. He could have just been wounded or instead of his body being found somewhere, they could have taken him to the hospital. Drop him off in front of the hospital, drop him off in front of the police department, in front of a gas station. take him and not just me finding out that my son has been laid out," Vanessa Sears said.

An investigation into the case is ongoing.