TECH TUESDAY: Gainesville Area Innovation Network Shootout Competition

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GAINESVILLE, Fla. (WCJB)- The GAIN Shootout is a competition in Gainesville where 16 startups compete against each other in front of a panel of judges for cash prizes and recognition in the community. Investors interested in start up companies are at the event along with successful entrepreneurs.

Teams have ten minutes to pitch their ideas to investors and twenty minutes to answer questions.

Last years winning idea was BLUEWAVE, "a rapid plasma infusion device. In as little as five minutes, it kills bacteria virus, and fungi. All without the use of water, detergents, or manufactured chemicals'", according to Co-Founder and president Justin Zhou. Zhou, along with co-founders Miles Clark and Kenneth Cherisol pitched the idea at the GAIN shootout last year

This year's GAIN Shootout has new additions with four cash prizes instead of one and investors from cities across Florida. Pitches to investors will also be shorter, just a half-hour instead of one-hour in previous years.

The GAIN Shootout takes place at the Holiday Inn University on November 1st from 2 to 8pm. The application period ends on September 30th.


The public is welcome to network with investors during the event's happy hour on November 1st at 5pm at the Holiday Inn University Center.