TV20 Exclusive Interview with Coach Cam Newbauer

Being a new coach in college can be challenging. Most of the time winning doesn't come right away. It can take years losing and grinding on the recruiting trail before your program starts seeing success.

New Gator women's coach Cameron Newbauer has definitely had to do some grinding in year-one.

When we sat down with him recently, we learned that Coach Cam is the type of guy that builds programs the right way and is already laying a great foundation for what's sure to be a bright future for the Gator women. Here is TV20's exclusive interview:

Q: "What made you decide to get into coaching?"
A: "I grew up having crazy dreams about playing the highest level of college basketball of playing in the NBA hitting game-winning shots and quickly found out that that was not in the cards for me. so I took all those energies and dreams I had about playing into coaching and I have just been highly blessed to have amazing opportunities just literally living the dream every day that I show up here to work."

Q: "What was the biggest difference from Belmont to coming here?"
A: "Belmont was a small school about 7800 students and I did not think I could get that feeling somewhere else but here at the University of Florida although it is 54,000 students the people are what make it so special. The head coaches here at Florida the way they look out for each other and how they have embraced me and done so much to help me help me learn help me grow the administration here, the is amazing how supportive they are and how much they want to help us build this program."

Q: "You just mentioned some of your relationship with the coaches of course Coach White and yourself are the two basketball coaches... You are similar in age too, what's that relationship been like for you?"
A: "Mike is the type of guy where he just calls me and... Coach White says to me how are you doing... you know this is my third year and my head still spins at times and I was just thinking back to what my first year was like and I want to know how are you are you doing... and that does not happen at big schools and that is what I mean when I say the people are what make this place so special because the other coaches who have championship programs here already... it is not about them it's about making Florida better."

Q: "What are some of the things you've learned through the job so far?"
A: "You know we like to say in our locker room the bright lights reveal what you do in the dark and if you do not do a lot of work in the dark from building the culture in the locker room to how we carry ourselves in public to engaging with the community to the work we do in the classroom if we do not do all that work in the dark that people do not see then that is going to affect who we really become as a team when we play in games."

Q: "What would you like to see this program evolve into in terms of bringing more fans to the game?"
A: "We are highly blessed and favored to compete at the University of Florida and for us to use it as we play basketball it is about us is just extremely selfish to get to compete in this conference on this stage we owe it to the community to give back to them we owe it to get out into the community and serve... to go read at elementary schools... to engage with fans after games... to help people...if I can meet someone here in town or at our games that tells me their story where they are from what they are passionate about I think that is what builds this program to be bigger."

Q: "Year three is always big for a coach. Where would you like to see this program this year?"
A: "There are only so many things you can control you cannot control all the ups and downs of a season the thing you can control is your attitude and your effort and we preach every day let's have the best attitude and the best effort of every minute of every possession of every game to try to get a little better. I think if you focus on the controllable that takes care of outcomes if we are competing at a very high-level if we care about each other and see the energy and passion on the court on the bench in the locker room in the community and that we have for each other... that is going to be a huge win."