TV20 is teaming up with Catholic Charities to raise money for COVID-19 relief

Published: May. 5, 2020 at 5:41 PM EDT
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Here at TV20, we are proud to announce that with your help we've surpassed our fundraising goal for Catholic Charities - for a second time.

After quickly reaching the first goal of $15,000, we extended the fundraiser last week and set a new goal to raise $30,000.

In just a few days we've exceeded that and as of Monday afternoon, we've raised $34,722.

“We’re getting donations of $10 and then we’re getting people who are donating their entire $1,200 stimulus check because they said ‘I’ve got a stimulus check that I don’t need, but I know somebody else does,’” said John Barli, the regional director for Catholic Charities. "It’s great to live in a community like this and to have partners like TV20 and like Sunstate and Dawn Realty who are willing to step up to the plate and help their neighbors out."

TV20 offered to match all employee donations, which led to a total of $4,000.

Our Creative Services Director Matt Hunter presented a check for those donations to Catholic Charities on Monday.

The fundraiser will continue through Sunday, May 17th, and we now hope to raise $45,000.

to go to the page and then click on donate and select TV20 Community Support.