TV20 Producer Darling Hill's Lifesouth experience

GAINESVILLE, Fla (WCJB)-- Our evening producer, Darling Hill, is featured in LifeSouth's newest PSA, after going through a scary situation last summer when she contracted a virus that attacked her organs.

She was told she only had hours left to live, and doctors told her the only thing they could do to try to save her life was to give her a blood transfusion--but that they didn't even know if that would work.

"I couldn't move, I couldn't eat. I lost twelve pounds all in one week. I spent pretty much all day in the ER. And it was toward the end of the night that I learned my blood count had dropped within hours."

Doctors went ahead with the procedure.

Even though it took her about two more months to fully recover, she said she felt a change immediately after the transfusion.

In the end, she's grateful to those who helped her, "I'm grateful to LifeSouth and LifeSouth donors. Without you guys, I wouldn't have another chance and other people like me wouldn't have a chance. If there wasn't an organization like LifeSouth, who knows where people would go to for help."

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