TV20 and Catholic Charities raise over $132,000 through virtual telethon

GAINESVILLE, Fla. (WCJB)-- Our 2-week virtual telethon raised over $132,000 for Catholic Charities. These funds will be used by Catholic Charities to help pay rent, utilities, and other essentials for people impacted by COVID-19.

“We realized many people have lost their jobs and have been out of work for a month or longer due to the coronavirus pandemic and are finding it hard to pay the mounting bills this is why we partnered with Catholic Charities to support our community. This telethon is one of the proudest things I’ve been involved with at WCJB TV20,” Creative Services Director Matt Hunter said.

”This fundraiser has made a major impact on the communities we serve. We are overwhelmed with the response and truly grateful to every viewer for stepping up to help our neighbors in need," VP and GM Alan Chatman said. "I would like to also extend my sincere thanks to my TV20 team and our business partners who donated their funds to this worthy cause. A big shout out to Robert Hart and Sunstate Federal Credit Union employees who donated over $7,500,”

“These are your friends, these are your neighbors, these are people who aren’t used to asking for help, they have never done it before… and thanks to all the people that have donated to the TV20 virtual telethon we are able to say yes” said Jon Barli, Regional Director Catholic Charities. “Wow! The giving just keeps coming, at the conclusion of the telethon we had a lady stop by and say she wanted to donate but remain anonymous and gave us a check for $50,000. It’s great to live in a community like this and have partners like TV20.”

On Thursday, during a Zoom call with the leaders from Catholic Charities and TV20, Cox Communications announced a surprise $25,000 donation through their foundation.

Last week we told you about a $50,000 donation from an anonymous person, and now after this surprise donation, we are proud to announce that more than $132,000 for people in North Central Florida, who are in need because of the pandemic.

"At TV20 we're very proud of being 'Your Local Station;' it's our slogan for a reason. And we strive to live up to that moniker with our news coverage every day. This was a chance to be 'Your Local Station' in a different way, and everyone here at WCJB was blown away by the community response. Neighbors helping neighbors isn't just a cliché, it's exactly what we saw with this fundraiser," TV20 News Director Jon Levy said.