Taking action against food insecurity

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GAINESVILLE, Fla.- (WCJB) September 12th is "Hunger Action Day" and the month of September is dedicated to "Hunger Action. Bread of the Mighty is a local organization that helps with food insecurity.

Last year, they distributed 7.9 million pounds of food, that equates to 6.6 million meals.

Karen Woolfstead is the communications and development director for Bread of the Mighty and said, that there are multiple ways the food gets distributed including 190 non-profit organizations that have food certifications.

She said, "They don't pay for the food there is a service charge. It's minuscule like 18 cents a pound or something and that's to help operate the place. but there is no charge for the food."

Woolfstead said, that one dollar can provide 10 meals. She says Alachua is the biggest county that they service and has the largest number of individuals that go hungry from food insecurity.

She said they serve the community in multiple ways.

"We have the pantries, we have the afterschool programs. The USDA we are a partner for feeding seniors. We have 1500 seniors a month in our area," said Woolfstead.

In the showroom, they have organic, vegan, and fresh produce products.

The organization started a new program called "Hungry Heros" which is a monthly program that will allow them to provide meals and food to those in need. To find out more information about this program or the organization visit their website, www.breadofthemighty.org.