Task force looks at reopening schools

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TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCJB) -- The 25 member task force will convene three times in the coming weeks.

Its goal is to include the voices of teachers, staff members and school administrators in the reopening conversation.

“They are going to be the ones dealing with the day to day, minute to minute issues in a school brick and mortar building.” Carole Gauronskas
from the Florida Education Association says.

The task force will focus on a wide variety of reopening topics including physical and mental health, student success, working conditions and financial investment in schools.

“We know that there's going to be a financial hit when in all honesty we're going to need more money to separate these classes to make them smaller. We're going to need more intervention, mental health psychologists. We're going to have to have more people driving more buses or supporting students in a way we've never seen.” Gauronskas said.

So far, educators say they’ve gotten little to no direction on what reopening will look like from the state.

“Are we on a rotation where you can only have 50 percent of students in a classroom at one time for social distancing? Or half of the classes in school and half of the classes at home and you rotate them every other day or every other week? .We can move the needle and move things down the road a lot further once we get guidance from the Governor.” Rocky Hanna the Leon County School Superintendent said.

And the task force wants to hear from you.

During their meetings you can submit comments on Facebook or through email.