Tech Tuesday: BACCH Laboratories Inc. Creates 3 Dimensional Sound

GAINESVILLE, Fla. (WCJB)- BACCH is a startup company based out of the Innovation Hub in Gainesville and Princeton University in New Jersey.
The company is named after the famous composer and is an acronym for the Band Assembled Crosstalk Cancelled Heirarchy, which is the name of their technology. In other words, the company has developed a way for speakers to emit "3-D sound". While 3-D sound may sound like an abstract concept, it's exactly how people listen to sound in real life.

Ears funnel sound from all different directions and the human brain is able to identify where individual sounds are coming from, and isolate sounds. A single speakers can only emit audio from one direction which fails to immerse viewers in a realistic audio experience.

BACCH wants to bring 3-D sound capabilities to devices like cell phones so listeners can experience audio as if it's present with them. They have created a work around that allows speakers to transmit sound that translates more authentically to listeners.