Tech Tuesday: Claimeye App helps patients with medical reimbursements

Published: Mar. 2, 2020 at 6:13 PM EST
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A former North Central Florida resident has helped develop an app that can make it easier for patients to file health insurance claims.

For some people, sorting through medical bills can be a nightmare especially when they start to pile up after an emergency but developers of the Claimeye app say all the paperwork you need to file a claim can instead be available right in the palm of your hand.

“I’m one of those people who believe if you don’t have your health or access to healthcare, the rest of it doesn’t matter."

Jacob Wychulis is the Vice President of Business Relations for Claimeye, a medical claims reimbursement app.

“There’s always a case of a surprise bill coming up when you go for emergency care and a lot of times it’s when you go for an out of network visit,” Wychulis said.

in order to get reimbursed after going to a doctor or clinic that is not covered by health insurance, a patient usually has to submit a request to their insurance company to get paid back.

“A really long process that involves really becoming the middle man between your insurance company, your provider, sometimes your broker,” Wychulis said.

He also says Claimeye app allows you to log in, put in your basic insurance information, answer a few questions, send it in digitally, and get reimbursed quicker.

While the company is based out of Puerto Rico, Wychulis says the app could greatly benefit the North Central Florida area.

“We have an abundance of great hospitals specifically in this area so unfortunately no matter where you are at times there are situations that come up whether you mean it to or not,” Wychulis said.

A link to Claimeye's website is attached to this article.