Tech Tuesday: Gainesville-based company develops digital pill

GAINESVILLE, Fla. (WCJB)- A company named EtectRx, based out of UF’s Innovation Hub has developed a digital pill that could help patients keep track of their medications.

Eric Buffkin is the Senior Vice President Of EtectRx and helped develop the ID-Capsule that is made out of hard gelatin and an embedded ingestible sensor.

"You don't go to Best Buy and say 'hey can I buy an in-body radio’ there's not a lot of those around,” Buffkin said.

The pill can help doctors and patients know if they are taking their medication on time and can even let them know when they missed a dose.

All a patient has to do is swallow the capsule with their medication.

From there, a receiver around your neck senses the pill in your stomach and turns on a light then a notification is sent to your phone with an app.

"The ID capsule was detected by the reader, and if I look at my calendar, I can keep track of all of those doses and times that I've taken them," Vice President of Product Management and Regulatory Affairs Susan Baumgartner said.

Buffkin says it is safe to use the capsule and more than 250 patients have used it.

"So there are so many uses, there are so many disease states and products for which this can be used to track the ingestion. For with very high-cost medication, we're helping to track to make sure the product was taken as appropriate,”

In December 2019, EtectRx was cleared to start selling the medical device.