Tech Tuesday: Teaching the Internet

GAINESVILLE, Fla. (WCJB) - Information on the internet is easy to come by which is why those who can't access the world wide web are at a disadvantage.

Through the non-profit program Connect2Compete, Cox is making internet more affordable for families with children who qualify for free or reduced lunch.

Maureen Tartaglione of Cox Communications describes the prevalence of computers in academics. "Schools are required to spend 50% of their educational resource budget on digital assets, and more than 70% of teachers assign homework online", according to Tartaglione. Students can be at a disadvantage if they do not have proficient computer skills.

With Cox Digital Academy, anyone can learn how to use the internet - including those who are not Cox customers - through teaching modules.

If you'd like to visit Cox Digital Academy or learn more about the Connect2Compete program, visit the link below: