Tech Tuesday: How NCFL businesses use Instagram as marketing tool

Published: Mar. 10, 2020 at 6:39 PM EDT
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Instagram is one of the most popular social media apps people scroll through on their smartphones.

Business owners in North Central Florida are now using the app as a marketing tool.

University of Florida Graduate Su Hninyi was actually on a different career path until she realized fitness is something she is passionate about.

"I was actually loving answering people's questions and reaching out to people and talking to them and communicating,” Hninyi said.

She says social media platforms, like Instagram, are a key component for her fitness coaching business.

"Since they started reaching out to me, I decided okay I can help people through Instagram. I get all of my clients through Instagram, or Facebook, I get them through social media."

Sandy's Savvy Chic Resale Boutique in Gainesville also uses Instagram to sell their new merchandise.

"It's grown from being something you know that we used maybe like once a week, once in a blue moon, to now we are posting every single day, posting cool new arrivals that are coming in,” Sandy’s Creative Marketing and Visual Manager Shelby Radcliffe said.

Radcliffe and the Sandy’s team often post pictures of clothing that is for sale through a feature on the app called Stories.

Stories let you post a picture or video and it will be up for 24 hours on your profile.

"Everyone is on their phone constantly, getting updates following what's going on with their favorite businesses and I think it's really great to help with your sales. I think it's really great to put a face to your business as well," Radcliffe said.

Hninyi says she likes to post pictures through the app with longer captions rather than shorter ones to get more interaction from her followers.

"It's such a big platform, that you can do anything. you can have a scale on anything and you can make a business out of it," she said.