Tech Tuesday: NCFL couple develops patch that helps relieve pain for horses

Published: Jan. 7, 2020 at 6:29 PM EST
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A North Central Florida couple has developed a patch that can help horses suffering from painful injuries.

Niles is a 6-year-old horse who once went through thoroughbred race training.

"He didn't make it because he had soft tissue and bone injuries,” Equi-Center Owner Lisa Stahl Doran said.

Niles was moved to the Equi-Center where Stahl Doran is an equine bodyworker but he was only supposed to stay for a little bit.

" When a horse gets something called a suspensory injury, which is the suspensory tendon ligament, it is incapacitating. It's heat, swelling, pain, and lameness. Niles is susceptible to that because of his prior injuries,” Stahl Doran said.

Then Lisa and her husband Don developed Microlief, a pair of patches that Niles often wears to help him with his pain….

"The patch is used on an as-needed basis, okay, he reinsures himself just depending on what he's doing. So he doesn't have to wear the patch all the time. When he is recovered from it it's like typically wearing it like a two week period,” Lisa said.

Microlief uses low levels of electric stimulation to the painful area, the electric currents are set to the same levels that are in the body.