Tech Tuesday: New service gives tenants rewards for paying rent

Published: Jan. 21, 2020 at 5:32 PM EST
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Rent is the thing some people dread paying at the beginning of the month, especially for some residents that live in the City of Gainesville.

"I think the city is poised to be like the next Austin or to be some hotbed of real innovation,” Piñata President Dimitri Falk said.

Falk says renters in the Gainesville area could really benefit from a rewards program.

"So the basic premise of piñata is the idea that you pay rent historically and get nothing back. So for the first time the heart and soul is pay rent, get rewards so get rewarded for what most people's biggest single monthly expenses,” he said.

Basically Piñata is a rent membership payment service where you can log in and pay your monthly dues to your landlord.

After that, you’ll be eligible for rewards like free coffee or grub from your favorite restaurant.

Falk says the program also helps build good credit.

“Most people especially young people don't understand how important that is to being able to have the life you really want to have,” he said.

He says Piñata is also about giving back to the community.

"We're working with GRACE Marketplace here in Gainesville and the whole idea is for each time people ay rent, we'll buy a homeless person a meal, and we want to really build that up and we want to do many other things that are about empowering people."