Tech Tuesday: Precision One Health

Surgery can be both confusing and scary for some patients, but one startup company in Gainesville is aiming to make the experience easier for both patients and doctors.

Breaking a bone is far from ideal and when it comes to surgery it can be hard for patients to understand just what will be done to their bodies
Precision One Health aims to fix that problem.

"The goal is to ensure patients have all the information they need at the point it matters most and to also help ensure that physicians have the opportunity to facilitate complex discussions to make sure that patients are leaving with a better understanding of their current condition or situations they may undergo in the future" said company CEO, Noah Ellis.

Ellis is bringing his background in biomedical engineering straight into some clinics.

"Precision One Health provides an engagement health education app platform to orthopedic practices and what we do is provide the vital health education information they need at the point it matters most during a consult with their care provider. The features we provide range from a medical conditions library, a clinical trials database interface, and 3D interactive modeling tools for general anatomy and surgical interventions," said Ellis.

The app is currently being used in clinics in both Florida and Georgia.