Tech Tuesday: Pheronym

Published: May. 7, 2018 at 7:37 PM EDT
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In Florida, the root-knot nematode creates dramatic root damage destroying plants in the yard. This is the time of the year they start nematode damage starts to develop, but worldwide nearly 100 billion dollars are lost every year because of nematode damage.

Pheronym is an agricultural biotech company with offices in Alachua and San Francisco, CA. They have created two products using Dr. Kaplan's discovery of a pheromone that can change the behavior of nematodes.

Good nematodes destroy harmful pests and bad nematodes destroy plants. Their first product Nemastim is expected to be available within the next year. The product will work with good nematodes and improve their performance.

Pherocoat protects plant seeds from bad nematodes. That product will not be available for a few more years. Both products are created to improve the health of fields and gardens.