Tech Tuesday: Producing podcasts for business 101

This week's Tech Tuesday takes us inside the UF Innovation Hub to Podcast Central.

Podcast Central is a local business that offers podcast recording and editing services.

We sat down with Taylor Shrum from Podcast Central and one of his clients, Kathy Porter, to see just how the podcast process works.

Kathy Porter is a small business expert and author.
She uses podcasting as a form of advertising and a way to share her thoughts with people across the world.

Podcast Central records podcasts, edits the audio, and then posts the podcast to applications like iTunes, spotify, and stitcher.

To learn more about podcast services available head to:

To find Kathy Porter's book or catch up with her latest projects:

Podcast: Becoming BusinessFAB (Fearless, Awesome, Boss) with Kathey Porter

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