Tech Tuesday: RAIN Neuromorphics

GAINESVILLE, Fla. (WCJB)- Artificial intelligence devices usually send data for processing on Remote Servers. But Gordon Wilson, CEO and Co-Founder of RAIN Neuromorphics says this method is costly, takes time, isn't secure, and is pretty inefficent.

Their solution, a microchip that operates like a brain. The chip consists of pathways that mimic electric pathways inside an actual brain. The result is a chip that doesn't require the space or energy of current methods to store and process data.

The Memristive Nanofiber Neural Network allows artificial intelligence to process data within the chip so learning can occur on the device.

RAIN Neuromorphics has already received recognition for their work placing in the final four of the Cade Prize, an annual competition for the most innovative new company in Florida. They are the only company in Gainesville to make it to the finals. First place in that competition will win $50,000.