Teen admits to putting LSD in co-workers’ drinks because of “negative energy”

Published: Mar. 23, 2019 at 2:50 PM EDT
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A 19-year-old was arrested after detectives said he drugged his co-workers at an Enterprise Rent-A-Car, according to a report from KMOV.

The worker, whose name was not released, told Arnold, Missouri police he did it because his co-workers had “negative energy”.

The teen wanted to mellow out the workplace but instead, two workers suddenly started feeling dizzy and shaky. That’s when they called the police.

Two employees were taken to the hospital to be checked out and were okay once the LSD wore off.

No charges are expected until after lab tests are done on the drinks in question. Once those tests come back, the accused man could face charges of possession of a controlled substance and second-degree assault.