Teen arrested in Alachua shooting victim's death

Alachua Police have arrested 15-year old Kamarri Hampton for the murder of 27-year old Dana Walker that took place in Alachua on January 14th.

Police say Hampton was arrested on January 19th on perjury charges. The murder charge was added today.

Somebody in the community knew Hampton and brought him into the Alachua Police Department where he was questioned.

On January 15th, police say a retaliation shooting happened in Alachua, where five people were shot. That shooting remains under investigation. There is a $1,000 reward being offered for anyone who can provide information that'll lead to an arrest in the second shooting.

Hampton is currently being held in the Juvenile Detention Center. Police say they expect him to be charged as an adult. Police also say a murder weapon has not been found. Maude Lewis Park, where the first shooting happened, is closed off with police tape. But, the remembrance shrine for Dana Walker remains.

Alachua police have made an arrest regarding the shootings which left one man dead two Sundays ago.
And the accused killer is 15 years old.
Landon, there is a reward being offered to catch the other shooters, but some say that won't work.
Landon Harrar reported live from the studio Police say they arrested Kemarri Hampton January 19th for perjury, and just today as the investigation continued added murder charges. He is expected to be tried as an adult.

"He was in the community, we knew him, he wasn't hiding at all." said Alachua police Chief Chad Scott
Kemarri Hampton was brought to police by someone who knew him.
Chief Scott went on to explain "We called him in for questioning, he came in, as a matter of fact he was brought in and we questioned him about the incident and took him into custody then."
With one of the shooters behind bars, community members say people are still scared because there's still more shooters out there.
Yaya Mula is a resident who lives near Maude Lewis Park and he said "Tensions are still at a high as you can see now its still light time and there's no one walking in the streets, everyone is in the house, tensions is high man, we do want those people who are responsible for it off the streets."
Yaya Mula says he knew Hampton, and he was a kid who needed better guidance.
"We just need a program from someone of the same ethnicity to go around and get kids who are going on the wrong route and rally try to bring them into some productive programs and get these kids away from this violence because right now in the streets violence is the only black minorities are associating with."
Police are offering a thousand dollar reward for any information which leads to an arrest of the shooters still at large for the retaliation shooting, a number Mula says isn't high enough to get somebody to talk.
"That reward is a thousand dollars, my rent is 650, thats not gonna be enough for somebody to tell and then they get another bullet in their back, no."
Maude lewis park is currently closed to the public, Mula says he hopes police solve the crimes soon so the community can get back to normal.
"The kids are really looking for a place to play now because this park is a pillar of our community and this shooting really shocked the whole neighborhood."

Landon Harrar reported live from the studio Chief Chad Scott says they do have significant leads and have not run into a dead end surrounding the investigation, and hope to have good news for the community soon in regards to finding the shooters.