Teen shot and killed by boyfriend in Belleview

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MARION COUNTY, Fla. Belleview Police have confirmed that 20-year-old Frank Friday is the only person of interest in the killing of 19-year-old Sariah Dixon in Belleview Monday morning.

Friday is still in the hospital recovering from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the chest.

Police who say he has had "run-ins" with them before, dealing with domestic disputes with the victim.

Bill Glenney said, "I just thought it was somebody working on the roof."

Bill Glenney now knows the source of those loud bangs he heard from his Belleview apartment along Front Road.

Bill Glenney said, "I asked the police officer can you tell me what’s going on and he said no. So I asked was it a fire and he says no it's a homicide."

Belleview Police officers were responding to a report of gunshots and found 19-year-old Sariah Dixon lying in between two buildings, dead.

Witness told police that her boyfriend 20-year-old Frank Friday, was seen driving away from the scene in a gray impala that was later involved in a crash on Baseline Road.

That's when Marion County Sheriff's deputies and SWAT were asked to intervene.

Lauren Lettelier said, "When we got there on scene we saw a man exit one of the vehicles that was involved in the crash armed with a weapon and that of course raised great concern for us."

Friday ran from deputies, but was caught hiding in some bushes behind a home.

Deputies say Friday shot himself in the chest before being arrested. Police say this isn't Friday’s first run in with the law when it comes to Dixon.

Lt. Lawrence Bryan said, "Several of my officers have responded over there numerous times and it’s something bad every time from verbal arguments to weapons being used or threats being made and it was just a bad situation that didn't seem to end."

Friday was taken to a nearby hospital where he is recovering from the gunshot wound.

And once recovered, he'll be taken to the Marion County Jail.