The Facts and Future of Midtown

The fate of Gainesville's Midtown may be uncertain, but a redevelopment deal along Northwest 17th Avenue is in the works.
The sale and proposed construction would affect businesses like the Swamp Restaurant, Larry's Giant Subs, and even a post office.

There has been an outpouring of speculation and outrage in response to rumors of the redevelopment of the area the Swamp Restaurant and other Midtown businesses currently operate on.

TV20 confirms a Tampa based development company the "908 Group" is working with CHW Consulting in Alachua on the purchase and redevelopment of the land.

The development groups have a construction plan they're saying includes both apartments, and possible retail or restaurant space.

CHW representatives tell TV20 that all of the property in question is already under contract.
The land is currently in the process of being sold to the 908 Group.

City officials say they have yet to receive a site plan or any permit requests, however they expect to see requests in the near future.

As for the fate of the Swamp Restaurant, thousands of people have voiced their concerns online.

UF's own Erin Andrews even expressed her concern on twitter, as did other gators from across the country.

There have been multiple petitions created to "save the restaurant," with thousands of signatures.

The owner of the Swamp Restaurant tells TV20 he was initially surprised the land was being sold and the 908 Group has since reached out to him.

The Swamp Restaurant in Midtown tweeted the following in response to the public outcry to save the beloved restaurant:
"Incredible amount of love today from all over the country. Gator nation is amazing! Will keep all updated on what’s going on, but can tell y’all one thing for sure. It’s going to be one hell of a football season! #letsgogators!"

He also says he hopes he can reach an agreement with the 908 Group to keep the Swamp Restaurant as a part of their redevelopment plan.