The Florida House passes texting while driving bill

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(WCJB)-- Florida is a step closer to strengthening it's texting while driving laws a bill that passed the House Tuesday, would make texting while driving a primary offense.

That means an officer could pull you over if they see you texting and the Senate bill would make using a wireless communications device a primary offense.

However, under the hands-free proposal using a cell phone with a Bluetooth device would be allowed.

"The legislature hasn't had an appetite for this issue for a little while. So this year everybody seems like they're on board of doing something and so now we're down to horse trading and figure out exactly what's going to be in the final bill," said Kenya Cory from the DNT TXT N DRV Coalition.

Multiple attempts to strengthen the state's texting while driving laws have died in the last minute in the past. Less than two weeks are left in the session for the chambers to come to an agreement.