The Republican National Convention will be hosted in Florida

Published: Jun. 12, 2020 at 3:22 PM EDT
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The Republican National Convention is coming to the sunshine state. As they say every election year, the road to the White House runs through the State of Florida.

This year the Republican Party will re-nominate President Donald Trump as their candidate on the First Coast.

Stafford Jones is a Governor's Appointee for the Republican Party of Florida. He said this year would be unique and exciting.

"It will be interesting to see how this works out. This is certainly unprecedented territory. I think everybody in the State of Florida is really just glad we are going to get a piece of it. It will really be a lot of fun," said Jones.

He said having the convention in Jacksonville will be a positive thing for Florida Republicans.

"This also could galvanize, help galvanize Republicans in the State of Florida for not just Donald Trump but the entire Republican ticket. It'll be very good for the party," said Jones.

He said with all of this attention; he believes steps will be taken to protect everyone attending the event.

"They are probably going to do things like temperature checks and asking people do you feel well. If you don't feel well, please don't come. They are going to do some very important things," said Jones.

He said with recent protests around the nation, it will be difficult for people to say Republicans shouldn't gather for this significant party event.

"It'll be tough to make the case that Republicans can't come together in a safe manner when you have had people cramming together in the streets during these protests," said Jones.

Even if crowds are limited at the convention Jones says he doesn't believe this will be the last time the State will act as the host.

"Florida is always going to be an important place to hold the convention. So it will keep moving around, but it will often come back to the State of Florida," said Jones.

The Chair for the Alachua County Democratic Party sent TV20 a statement that said in part, "with the steady rise of COVID-19 in Florida, this is not the right time to bring an influx of tourist to the State. Secondly, it disheartens me that the President would accept his party's nomination in Jacksonville on the day that is know as "Ax Handle Saturday," the anniversary of the brutal beating of black activists protesting segregation who were beaten with ax handles and baseball bats. Shameful."

The official nomination and other events will be hosted in Jacksonville, and the business portion of the convention, including committee meetings, will still be held in Charlotte.

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