The UAA approves their 2019-2020 budget

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GAINESVILLE, Fla. (WCJB) The University Athletic Association Board has approved their 2019-2020 Operating budget, passing the proposed budget of $140,849,000. That is a nearly 4% increase from last year's budget, which was $135 million.

This nearly mirrors their projected revenue for the year, which they expect to be $140,966,000. They project that football will bring in the most, just under 60% of their projected revenue, with royalties and sponsorship making the next largest chuck, at 25%. Student fees are projected to be just under 2% of their revenue for the 2019-2020 school year. They say that UF has the lowest athletic fee in the state of Florida and that they have not increased that since the year 2000. They also say that the SEC Network and bowl agreements have provided a significant revenue source recently, but that they do not expect that number to get much larger in the future.

As far as expenses go, general and administrative fees are expected to take up the largest chunk of money, at 31% of the budget, with football taking up 15%, support services 16%, and scholarships taking up 10%. They do note that they are aiming to spend more on their coaches and staff, by increasing that budget by $1.8 million. They also aim to provide additional nutritional, strength and conditioning, and mental health professionals for their athletes.

In addition, the UAA notes that they spend, on average, $68,438 every year on each scholarship student-athlete, noting that they have earmarked $14-million for the scholarships themselves, and $18-million in support services for those athletes, including the aforementioned support professionals, travel expenses, academic support, and equipment.

You can take a closer look at the budget yourself, we have attached it to this story.

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