Third suspect arrested in connection with Alachua retaliation shooting

ALACHUA, Fla. (WCJB)- Another man is behind bars tonight in connection with a retaliation shooting in January.

Jeffery Robinson Jr. was arrested without incident just before 1pm Wednesday. He is being charged with 6 counts of attempted murder.

The City of Alachua has experienced an unusual number of shootings the year.

Alachua police held a press conference Wednesday afternoon revealing the shootings in January and June are gang-related.

Police say the shooting investigation is not over by any means.

"It's not something that's new to us as law enforcement, however, it's new to this community,” Detective Jesse Sandusky with the Alachua Police Department said.

It all started with the deadly shooting of Dana Walker, 27, at Maude Lewis Park in January.

This shooting was the first for Alachua in over a decade.

"They're not random shootings of innocent community members,” Sandusky said.

A retaliation shooting wounded five people on January 15, just one day after the death of Dana Walker.

The shooters in the retaliation shooting are believed to be connected to the same gang.

"They're mainly focused on drug type stuff. Drug crimes and most recently gun violence,” Sandusky said.

Three men have been arrested for the retaliation shooting.

Mckenzly Edwards Jr., his brother: Kenzel Edwards, and most recently Jeffery Robinson Jr.

"I ask the community to remain vigilant with us as we continue to identify each and every person that associates and refers to themselves as gangs,” Chief Chad Scott with the Alachua Police Department said.

The three men are being charged with 6 counts each of attempted murder.

"As I've said before, this type of behavior has no place in our community. We will not stop until they are dismantled to the core,” Chief Scott said.

Police say they believe Quantrale Gaskins, who was killed last month, affiliated himself with one of these gangs.

Gaskins was also grazed by a bullet during a shooting in Alachua in April.

Police haven't named a suspect for his murder and are investigating if it's connected to the shootings in January.

"This is a big break for us in this case, arresting a third shooter. It's definitely not over by any means,"Sandusky said.

Robinson Jr. will have his first appearance tomorrow morning where his bond will be set by the judge.

Police say they are still investigating to find out if there are more individuals connected to the shootings.