Three Newberry teens help save a woman while out shopping for prom

JONESVILLE, Fla., (WCJB) --- Heroes come in all shapes and sizes and ages. Three teenagers are being called heroes after they came across a nasty car wreck.

Three Newberry Christian Community school teens were in Jonesville trying on tuxedos for next months prom but who knew they'd put on their invisible capes to help save a woman.

After an ice cream stop when coming from tuxedo shopping for next month's prom three students had no idea they were about to save a life.

"We pulled out onto the road and we saw a truck flipped over and a car in the middle of the road," stated Jamarious Williams.

"My first thing is I call 911 and talk to them and then my mom turns around and then my friend jumps out Jairus he jumps out and he goes immediately and runs as fast as he can," stated Dylan Klein.

Williams and Klein say they then stopped and prayed outside a church that was close to the scene.

While Brantley who says he's a boy scout rushed to the crash where he says he found a woman that needed serious help.

"I asked her, I asked the guy what was going on and he said that there's a piece of glass about this big stuck in her arm next to an artery. And I said should we pull it out and he said yes but its too far lodged in there, the guy couldn't get it out so I proceed to help him and we pulled it out," stated Jairus Brantley.

Brantley says that had the glass not been pulled out the woman may have bled out.

"I did my breathing exercises to keep me calm and I was just praying to god that I didn't do anything to kill the woman," stated Brantley.

"We thought about like if that was us would someone to come help us so we did it to glorify God and you know to help her," stated Williams.

"It makes me feel special you know because you know there's people that have told us like you know a lot of teenagers don't do that and just made us like proud that we're good people and do stuff like that," stated Klein.

The boys say that they haven't heard from the woman since that day but that they were told she's doing well.

These three teens told me that if there is one message they would want to share with teens is that if you see something do something because you may find yourself helping someone who could really use a hand.