Three Sparr Elementary Employees on unpaid leave

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The Superintendent of Schools in Marion County is calling for three employees to be fired after she said they failed to keep one of their students safe.

According to the district's administrative complaint, on March 14th, Brandi Stephens, Shivonne Bennett, and Ronisha Johnson all failed to provide appropriate care to a special needs student, which then lead the student to serious injury.

An investigation was launched the day after and revealed that the student was an 8-year-old third grader in need of special care.

Video evidence was also obtained, capturing the incident first hand-which the district is not releasing at this time.

Superintendent of Schools Heidi Maier describes her first reaction when watching the video.

"When an 8-year-old child bangs his head over 30 times on a wall and you also see him striking his fist over 30 times, and you have adults standing there who do nothing but video it, I say to myself, you don't need training to prevent that,” Maier said.

All three employees have requested a hearing before the school board with Bennett the only one to explain her side of the situation.

According to her attorney's letter, when she saw the student banging his head on the wall, she called his mother in an attempt to calm him down.

However, the letter does state she felt it was not her responsibility to restrain him.

Maier added that this type of behavior is unacceptable of an employee.

"The actions of these paraprofessionals does not represent Marion County public schools and I just need everybody to know that, that we love our kids, we educate them well and we love them even more so this does not represent Marion County Public Schools,” she said.

The employee hearings have not yet been scheduled but will be open to the public. For now the employees will remain on leave without pay.