Three naked women arrested after leading state troopers on I-75 chase

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PASCO COUNTY, Fla. (WCJB)-- All was normal for Norma Urig, on Wednesday, as she drove from Fort Meyers to Georgia. But all that changed when she pulled off I-75 to use the bathroom at a rest stop.

Urig was blown away when she saw three naked women hanging out on the side of the building. Completely stunned, Urig was glad she didn't have her grandchildren with her.

"What if they had been with me? That's not something I would what them to see," Urig said.

The three women were confronted by Florida Highway Patrol troopers but took off. The group sped down State Road 54.

Troopers later tracked the naked trio to a gas station, where the driver tried running one trooper over with her car. Another of the group attacked the trooper with a bat before they all took off once again.

It would finally take one of the troopers ramming the women's Nissan Sentra with his own car to get them to stop. Video (above) showed the confrontation.

Moments after the car hit a guide rail, the women inside refused to come out. Finally, they were all taken into custody.

Urig remains confused as she thinks about how she says the three women distracted troopers.

"They're there to protect us. What if someone desperately needed an officer or medical care while you're playing goose with them?"

Several troopers received minor injuries.

The three women were charged with fleeing to elude, resisting arrest, aggravated assault, and lewd acts.