Time to get ready for hurricane season

GAINESVILLE, Fla., (WCJB) -- Living in Florida you know that hurricanes are a part of our environment. And while some of us wait until the last minute, the best time to prepare is now

The first storm of hurricane season has been named and in less than two weeks hurricane season will be rolling in.

"Before hurricanes get here, people need to do a financial checkup and make sure you have the right insurance and I can not overemphasize too many people do not have flood insurance, they were told they don't live in a flood zone and that they don't need to buy it," stated Craig Fugate, former FEMA Administrator.

Find out if you live in an evacuation zone and know where you and your family will relocate too and this also includes pets.

And if you're a person with medical needs determine how you will handle a situation if your electricity goes out and you rely on power for medical purposes.

"Get ready now so you can enjoy your summer and if a storm threatens you know what to do, you have a plan and you don't have to do the last minute running around, get ready now," stated Craig Fugate, former FEMA Administrator.

Being proactive could help save time from waiting in long lines to get the supplies you need. A sales tax holiday for hurricane supplies runs from May 31st to June 6th.

Hurricane Preparedness Checklists: