Tiny homes squeezed into busses and more visit Gainesville

Published: Feb. 2, 2020 at 5:12 PM EST
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Part of the American dream is to own a home, but what about a tiny home on wheels? We'll show you some busses, box trucks and even a semi-trailer that has been converted into a "tiny home."

The weekend-long event has been to give people interested in the tiny home lifestyle a place to start.

Event Coordinator Michelle Mattson said, "We designed this event so we could educate people on how to do tiny living and how to do it in a vehicle that's been converted into a home."

46 homeowners opened the doors to answer questions and let strangers walk through their living rooms.

Mattson said, "A lot of these busses you're going to get into them and say wow this looks like a house, this feels like a house in here. It's different from an RV feel it's more of a home."

Every tiny homeowner has their own reasons for adopting the lifestyle, one man Rom Rackley who has converted more than 40 busses into homes had plenty of tips to share.

"You've got the mechanical aspect of things so you're going to need a diesel mechanic at least one point in your life I'm sure. Then woodworking, and knowing how to frame. All the basics of regular construction it's going to need to be put into here as well for the most part."

And what to look for when trying to buy a used bus? The miles on its engine are a good place to start says Rackley.

"You want something that's right around the 90 thousand and then skip over to about 110 because most school systems that I've worked with in the past do a full workup on the bus at 110-thousand miles. So you know the maintenance and that mechanical longevity is going to be there for the bus before you purchase it."

Almost every homeowner had multiple pets with them, many were married and one 40 foot bus held a family of 6. Still, they all say the close quarters have their own rewards.

"We've communicated more, we've learned more about ourselves and about each other, we've become better partners. We've had wild experiences and the nomadic life is wonderful because we get to go out and have adventures together."

On average it costs 15-20 thousand dollars to do a basic conversion of a bus to a tiny home.