Tom Petty's ex-wife buys his childhood home

Tom Petty's ex-wife decided to 'not back down' by purchasing the late rock star's childhood home in Gainesville.
the home had been on the market for several months.
Previous potential buyers talked about turning the 14-hundred square foot home into a museum.
Neighbors like Sandy Flory who lives across the street were not fond of the idea because of a lack of parking and tourists destroying their peace and quiet.

"The last thing we really want is a lot of cars and tourists all that type of thing going up and down our street. We already have enough people that creep by the house as slow as they can, but we just didn't want all this traffic we like our quiet."

The sale of 175-thousand dollars was officially completed in August. Over the years there have been many changes to the home making it look different today than it did when Petty lived there.
Alachua County Sheriff Sadie Darnell who is a cousin of Petty says his ex-wife Jane Benyo Petty wants to keep the home in the family.