Tools 4 Teachers kickoff in Marion County

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MARION COUNTY, Fla. The Public Education Foundation of Marion County is hosting its 10th annual "Tools for Teaching program"

The program allows teachers to get a head start in their classrooms by getting free much needed items for their students.

Since 2009 the foundation has given away more than 3 million dollars’ worth of school supplies to both teachers and their students.

last school year there we 72-hundred teacher shopping visits to the foundation and the event staff says that all students should have access to the tools necessary for success in the classroom.

Judi Zanetti said, "And we also hear from teachers that when students have access to adequate school supplies their grades are better, their attendance is better and their behavior is better in class and that's all of what we want for our kids.”

And staff says they except to see about a thousand teachers before the end of the week.

The event ends this Thursday.