Torrential rains bring flooding to Suwannee County and a possible tornado moves through Lake City

Published: Jun. 8, 2020 at 5:23 PM EDT
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After already having to deal with two tornadoes so far in 2020, residents in live oak and Suwannee County are now having to deal with some major flooding.

Torrential downpours brought upwards of 12 to 13 inches of rain to some parts of Suwannee County Sunday causing significant flooding and even multiple sinkholes to open.

Sheriff Sam St. John says, "We have a lot of road closures here and it kind of seemed like it affected the west side and the north end of our county the most. And then plus we had five separate sink holes that also closed roads here."

The heavy rains also forced an area of interstate 10 to close for almost 8 hours Sunday. The Suwannee County Sheriff's office also to had to rescue one woman who was submerged in her car.

Sheriff St. John urges residents to avoid flooded roadways. "If you feel like you are not able to go through it then definitely turn around. And also we had signage up there and officers out there and also when the road was completely impassable, we would have it completely blocked off to where they couldn't go through. But the rule of thumb is turn around, don't drown. Use common sense."

And while residents of Suwannee County were dealing with major flooding Sunday, a possible tornado moved through Columbia County just south of Lake City. Multiple videos were sent to TV20 of the apparent funnel cloud. Some reports of trees down have come in but it appears no major damage came from the possible tornado.