Tree Kangaroo Awareness Day at Santa Fe College Teaching Zoo

Tree Kangaroo Awareness Day will be held at Santa Fe College Teaching Zoo on Sunday, May 20, 2018.

Tree kangaroos are native to Papua New Guinea, where much of the trees they live in are being destroyed, causing the species to become endangered.

The goal of Tree Kangaroo Awareness Day is to raise awareness and money to help conserve their natural habitats.

At the event, zoo visitors will get to learn all about the unique species and meet the three tree kangaroos currently living at the zoo.

One of the tree kangaroos at the zoo is a joey who was born last March and doesn't have a name yet, so everyone who comes to the event will get to vote for what his name should be.

Visitors will also get to try coffee that was grown in Papua New Guinea, and proceeds from the coffee sold will go towards helping the farmers in Papua New Guinea who are giving up their land to help save the tree kangaroos there.

"We have a lot of fun family-friendly activities going on. Kids will have an opportunity to make their own tree kangaroo crafts, they'll get to pretend to be a kangaroo and do some sack races trying to keep their joey on while they go up and down a tree," said Conservation Education Specialist Jade Salamone.

The zoo will be open from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. for Tree Kangaroo Awareness Day with regular admission prices, and there will be plenty of different animals to see.

The Santa Fe College Teaching Zoo is also selling a book called "Kangaroos in the Treetops," which was written by one of the zookeepers, and all of the proceeds from those books will go towards the Tree Kangaroo Conservation Program.