The city of Trenton caught hail - lots of it - during severe storm

TRENTON, Fla. (WCJB/Gray News) In a Facebook post on Tuesday morning, the City of Trenton Public Safety Department warned its residents to use caution because of the heavy ice on the roadways.

The city received so much hail, it piled like snow. City workers used machinery to clear it off.

The National Weather Service in Jacksonville explained in a graphic on Twitter why a Florida town ended up with so much ice.

Warm, moist air coming off the ocean hit a frontal boundary, which forced the warm into air cold enough to freeze it but close to the ground. The moisture turns to ice, Eventually, the ice grows too heavy to remain aloft.

“Since the hail is forming so close to the surface and there is plenty of moisture coming in from off the ocean, the hail production is quite efficient where it happens, like Trenton,” the NWS said in its graphic.