Trenton school offers education and raises money for Bahamian refugees

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TRENTON, Fla., (WCJB) --- "Some people reached out to me to find out if a couple of kids could come to school here because they wanted to continue their education," said Ginny Keith, Riverside Christian School principle.

Ginny Keith is the principal at Riverside Christian School in Trenton that has two new students whose families have come from the Bahamas after Hurricane Dorian's destruction.

Our students were very touched by their stories, they've lost everything and just been through a very traumatic event and we can relate, living in Florida it could have easily been us," said Keith.

And that's the reason students say they wanted to also help the Bahamian students and their families.

"Everybody around here loves each other and loves whoever comes in here and we just love helping other people," said Ben King.

"They're actually really cool, not even just out of being friendly, they're generally just really awesome to be around," said Ethan Hatfield, Riverside senior.

These are the Bahama flag colored links that students created to help raise money.

So far the students here at Riverside have raised about 1200 dollars for the families of the 2 Bahamian students.

"All the donations came from students here at the school like it was everybody coming together in unity to do it. It was just like something we wanted to do," said Hatfield.

"The goal is to stretch the links across the football field Friday night at the ball game and present the money to the families," said Keith.

They're 20 yards from the end zone and are accepting donations to help meet their goal.