BREAKING: Jury finds Michael Reuschel Guilty

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A Jury has found Michael Reuschel guilty of the attempted murder of his wife, along with 4 other charges. Those include false imprisonment, refusing medical care to a victim of a crime, tampering with evidence and intimidating a witness/victim.

His trial began last week with closing arguments happening earlier Thursday morning. Reuschel had taken the stand in his own defense starting on Tuesday.

His sentencing has been set for December 18.
UPDATE: 11/5 6PM

After Tuesday’s lunch break, Michael Reuschel continued testifying.

His defense attorney brought out a mug, wine bottle, and several pictures to show to the judge and the jury.

While testifying, Reuschel said his wife would throw items, like the bottle and mug, at him when she would get angry at him while she was drinking.

He also said there were several incidents when his wife would scream at him and call his daughter "graphic terms”

Reuschel says pictures passed around in the courtroom are of the injuries he would get from his wife throwing things at him or physically scratching or hitting him.

The trial continues on Wednesday at 8:30 am in the Alachua County Courthouse.
UPDATE: 11/5/19 12PM
Michael Reuschel has been on the stand all morning. Reuschel and his defense team have been painting a picture that depicts Susan Reuschel as greedy and controlling.

Through his testimony, we are learning new details about his past and his relationship with his wife Susan.

He says certain situations caused Susan to get upset including his daughter from a previous marriage having a party, adding his wife had a, quote, "Short fuse". Reuschel also says that his wife did not like giving to charities and controlled who came in and out of their home.

He also noted their efforts to have a child together failed, and that she blamed him for that
The trial continues for a Gainesville man accused of trying to kill his wife and saying an intruder did it.

Throughout Monday, several witnesses were brought into court to talk about the details of the crime scene as well as the couple's domestic violence history.

Back in February 2018, Michael Reuschel was arrested for the attempted murder of his wife, Susan Reuschel.

Sheriff's deputies found her bleeding from several stab wounds in the bedroom of the couple's home in Haile Plantation.

She was taken to the hospital and survived.

In court on Monday, an expert witness hired by the defense went over pictures of blood splatters from the scene and described the manner of how they may have gotten there.

A sheriff's deputy also confirmed in court that Susan Reuschel was arrested for domestic battery three months before her husband's arrest for attempted murder.

According to investigators, Reuschel explained where to find his wife’s house and the layout, saying he could pay $100,000.

Michael Rueschel's trial continues Wednesday at 8 AM at the Alachua County Courthouse.