Trio of serial car burglars arrested

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GAINESVILLE, Fla. (WCJB)-- A group of suspected serial car burglars were arrested early this morning as they searched for unlocked cars.

Gainesville Police say Rashad Hooper, Sh-Ron Ellison, and Jarquez Williams were pointing flashlights into cars on SE 16th avenue.

A GPD officer chased Ellison and Williams and arrested them, but Hooper escaped in a vehicle. He didn't get too far because he crashed into a tree and was arrested.

Among the stolen items police say they found cash, phone chargers, sunglasses, a laptop, and professional kitchen knives.

Jorge Campos GPD Public Information Officer said, "they definitely indiscriminately did a crime spree from Chiefland to Gainesville on that morning, one of the individuals made comments to indicate he entered over a hundred vehicles that evening "

GPD believes the three men are responsible for at least six car burglaries last night and maybe others in-between Gainesville and Chiefland.

The three are Chiefland residents and face up to five years in prison for each count of burglary.

If you believe your car was burglarized last night please reach out to GPD at (352) 393-7664