Trump signs executive order on Medicare during visit to Florida retirement community

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WASHINGTON (GRAY DC) -- Speaking to fellow seniors at a Central Florida retirement home, President Donald Trump signed an executive order on Medicare Thursday.

Trump signs executive order on Medicare during visit to Florida retirement community (Source: CNN)

The order aims to expand Medicare health plans offered by private insurance companies, known as Medicare Advantage, by allowing more healthcare services to be covered.

“Plans can offer new supplemental benefits so they’re able to tailor benefits to patients' unique and individual needs,” Centers for Medicare and Medicaid administrator Seema Verma said.

For example, Verma said, somebody might want the option to choose a plan that provides in-home support while recovering from surgery.

The order is also meant to address regulations within Medicare and the cost of healthcare.

"The executive order is all about the president’s vision to strengthen and protect the Medicare program, to improve the experience and affordability for our seniors, to make sure they have access to the latest technology and getting rid of burdensome regulations that get in the way of their doctors spending more time with their seniors," Verma said.

During his visit to the retirement community, Trump criticized Democrats' plans for healthcare in the U.S., like Medicare for All, as socialized medicine.

Left-leaning think-tank Center for American Progress said in a statement about the president's latest Medicare proposal, "Rather than defend his indefensible record, the president is once again lying about plans that would actually strengthen health care. Every single Medicare for All and public option proposal put forward by members of Congress would provide more Americans more health care—increasing the number of people with coverage, lowering out-of-pocket costs, and expanding benefits."

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