Trump supporters organize boat parade on the Suwannee River

Published: May. 31, 2020 at 6:00 PM EDT
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Hundreds of President Trump's supporters met at the mouth of the Santa Fe and Suwannee rivers on Sunday.

They showed support for the President with a boat parade on the water.

Jennifer Strickland Willamson, an organizer for the event said this was to encourage support for the president.

"It's for people to get out on their boat and utilize their freedoms. Freedom of speech, the freedom to vote for who they want to vote for, support for the President, and support for America right now."

Many on the water like Strickland Williamson are small business owners who trust the President to get them through these hard times.

"Trump we all know is a little unorthodox in how he delivers his message but he's a businessman, he's the man for the job. He's the one who will get our economy back on track especially during COVID-19 where we have been shut down for two months. We as small businesses have lost the ability to fight for our businesses." she said.

Joe Biden supporters may not have had a boat parade on Sunday but Democratic leaders like Cynthia Moore Chestnut, Chairman of the Alachua County Democratic Party, say there will be plenty of chances to support their candidate.

"You will see the rallies, the normal political paraphernalia, don't worry just wait we will be there," Moore Chestnut said.

She also says Biden is right for the job because of his own experience in helping a struggling economy.

"People need to go to work and we're going to have to have a national program to pull that together for us. Joe Biden has the experience in healthcare, Joe Biden is a peacemaker, a healer. He can bring people together and in this country, we need to move forward."

Moore Chestnut also says she believes Biden will be able to address and help find changes to heal the unrest currently sweeping the nation.

Strickland Williamson said it will take more than one man to heal.

"We shouldn't be too confident because some people don't like his mannerisms and how he handled certain things. So the people who believe in and encourage and promote Trump need to get out, get your people if they don't have a ride pick them up and take them to the polls. Don't put too much faith in the fact that it's an automatic win."

While both Strickland Willamson and Moore Chestnut say they believe their candidate will win, both hammered the importance of voting no matter which candidate it may be for.

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